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7 Ways to Help Your Aging Loved One Downsize

The move to a senior care option like residential assisted living is an exciting milestone that points to a fulfilling new stage of retirement. It makes possible a lifestyle full of self-discovery, social opportunities and external support. It also eliminates the isolation and daily burdens that accompany living alone. While [...]

December 22, 2021|

The Search for Senior Living: Where to Begin

If you have recently come to the realization that a transition to some type of senior living arrangement is in the best interest of your aging parent or loved one, you are not alone. Currently, millions of aging adults reside in some form of senior living community or facility, and that number is [...]

November 25, 2021|

The Same Page: Broaching Senior Living with Your Loved One

For many aging adults, the prospect of moving into a senior living community such as a residential assisted living home can be unsettling, or even alarming. There are many misconceptions about senior living that can cause these feelings – many worry that they will lose their independence or be ‘locked [...]

November 22, 2021|

5 Financial Planning Tips for Senior Living

A transition to senior living can be a blessing for an aging adult. It provides them a safe and comfortable setting in which to pursue their hobbies and interests or discover new ones. They can also access the level of care they need and combat isolation with meaningful new friendships. [...]

October 27, 2021|

What Is Senior Living Residential Care?

Assisted living creates the opportunity for an incredible chapter in the life of an aging person by providing a level of care, safety and support that allows them to embrace the freedom and discovery of their retirement years. If you are considering a move to assisted living for yourself or [...]

September 27, 2021|

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