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Heartfelt Residential Care not only provides our residents with exemplary care in a homelike setting, but also a genuine sense of belonging. We stand out because of the safe and healthy lifestyle enjoyed by those who live in our homes, as well as the attentive, responsive and trusted staff members that help make it possible.

We understand that selecting the right assisted living community can be a difficult choice for many reasons. Our residents are our number one priority – a commitment that has earned the trust of the families that live in our local communities. Residents maintain their autonomy while benefiting from security, peace of mind, meaningful relationships and an assisted ease of life. Our intimate capacities, responsive team members and comprehensive medical equipment ensure that residents receive an optimal level of attention and care, no matter their needs. At Heartfelt Residential Care, we know that a sense of belonging begins with feeling heard and understood.


The Distinction of Residential Care

The home serves a special purpose in any individual’s life. More than a place to lay one’s head, the home provides unmatched comfort. We’ve incorporated all the detailed touches that make us an extension of home rather than just a place to live. This approach allows us to create a place where our residents are happy to live, alleviating some of the fears that can accompany a transition to a larger non-residential assisted living community. We’re proud to offer an option that allows residents to enjoy the comforts of home as they move into a new chapter of their life.

In all our residential care programs, we focus on the needs of those who are the most vulnerable. Generally, these vulnerabilities are associated with a degree of medical fragility. As a result of our clinical focus, we bring a unique perspective and capability which includes:

  • Nurse Ownership and Management
  • 24-Hour Awake Staff
  • Private Suites
  • Barrier-Free Access
  • Transfer and Ambulation
  • Wound Prevention
  • Rendering of Personal Care
  • Diabetes Medication Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Locations in Farmington, Novi, Canton and Plymouth, Michigan

Residential Care that Serves the Entire Person

Serving the entire person is more than a verbal concept tossed about in conversation. Small-scale assisted living services have evolved significantly, and larger communities, regulators, and clinicians have taken notice due to the sophisticated programs now available for residents. Examples of how these programs have evolved include the addition of Diabetes Management, Nutritional Education and Physical Rehabilitation, all of which occur right in the home and are billable to Medicare and private insurers.

When you add the involvement of a geriatric and physical medicine physician, you end up with a program that is truly committed to caregiver relief and that serves the entire person. This is what makes Heartfelt Residential Care different. While we understand our need to adhere to the popular principles of residential care (e.g., supervision of those who wander and assistance in managing personal care and incontinence) our goal is to use clinical components to reduce the likelihood of someone we serve ending up in a hospital emergency room or crisis center.


What People Are Saying About Heartfelt Residential Care


“Heartfelt takes excellent care of my father. They go above and beyond to take care of his needs both physical and emotional. We are extremely happy with the care that he receives we would highly recommend Heartfelt to anybody.”

Darlene G.

“What a warm, welcome home I recently chose for my precious husband. Never an easy transition to turn the care of a loved one over to someone else! This home has a caring owner with a trained staff that has the empathy that made me feel very blessed to have my husband cared for at Heartfelt. The environment is clean, cheerfully decorated and resident focused for care and comfort. Great aromas from the kitchen as the meals are home cooked too!”

Mary Jane D.

“The house is beautifully decorated with a clean, warm feeling of security. It has complete access for wheelchairs, including access to the lovely back porch where we had a deer and fawn come right up to the window. The shower also has full access to wheelchairs. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and listened to my concerns. I would recommend this home to anyone.”

Gale K.

“Wow, where do we start? The house is immaculate and the staff is beyond caring, professional and compassionate. The owner is detail oriented, thoughtful and sincerely cares about the residents and her staff. We were blessed to have found this place and are able to leave our loved one with people who know what they are doing and do it very well! You can trust Heartfelt Residential”

Kimmy D.

“The aids were super kind and take great care of the residents living there. Very clean and kept up!”

Bobbi M.

“Thank you for the wonderful care that you provided and for addressing any concerns we had along the way. Life is precious and your staff recognized that and gave their best to the job. It was a tribute to how well you treat your staff. I am so thankful for their loving care and support. It is HEARTFELT.”

Karen M.

“We wanted a home, not a facility. We wanted Mom to feel like she was in a house. The aides here are friendly and keep Mom happy.”

Rose E.

“What set Heartfelt apart to us were the professional and caring staff, the personalized, attentive care and the ongoing communication with family.”

Karen J.

“We chose Heartfelt because we wanted more of a family-style care center for my mom. We found it nice, quiet and peaceful, and everyone seemed very knowledgeable. The home aides were very polite and always wanted to make sure my mom had what she wanted.”

Kelly M.

“Heartfelt is an organization that truly cares about their residents. They were honest, sincere and consistent, and we liked the closer one-on-one care.”

Marc S.
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