Features & Amenities

In addition to the many inherent advantages of residential assisted living, Heartfelt Residential Care goes above and beyond to offer the kinds of features and amenities that foster fulfilling and engaging lifestyles for our residents. These offerings, combined with the unique level of individual attention we provide, make our homes truly special places to live.

Comfort & Privacy

Our homes are designed for small groups of six residents to ensure ample space and comfort for everyone who lives with us, an advantage that can be difficult to find in large chain communities. What’s more, residents can enjoy an elevated level of privacy as our rooms are almost exclusively private with a handful of spacious and accommodating suites. These living situations are ideal because they make Heartfelt communities feel like an extension of their own home.

Experienced Ownership & Management

Heartfelt Residential Care is proudly owned and managed by a licensed Registered Nurse – a unique distinction reflected in every level of our operations. Our leadership team has worked extensively in this field, allowing them to implement only the best processes, treatment plans and approaches to care; they have witnessed the effectiveness of our programming firsthand. When providers are managed purely from a business perspective rather than by business-savvy healthcare professionals, the drive for profits and revenue can overshadow the most important factor: the resident’s satisfaction and wellbeing.

Fulfilling Programming

Those who call Heartfelt Residential Care home can enjoy a diverse and rotating programming schedule featuring engaging opportunities for self-expression, creativity and fun. Weekly programming includes activities that are both beneficial and enjoyable, including art, music and pet therapy.

Art Therapy

Art therapy helps keep the mind engaged and active while providing the chance to nurture or discover creativity and embrace the catharsis of artistic expression.

Music Therapy

Music therapy offers a wealth of proven benefits and has been shown to help strengthen the brain, keeping it sharp during the aging process and possibly even warding off leading forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Pet Therapy

The companionship of animals has been a constant throughout human history, and in addition to the intangible joy provided by a furry friend, this companionship has been shown to have many therapeutic benefits from helping with anxiety and stress to coping with more severe medical issues.

Gardens & Outdoor Areas

Oftentimes, people can begin to spend less time outdoors as they age, so Heartfelt Residential Care provides safe and accessible opportunities for our residents to spend time outside. Studies have shown that increased time outdoors can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, in addition to offering a literal and figurative breath of fresh air. Our homes are equipped with gardens and relaxing patios that allow for a refreshing change of pace, whether it’s keeping your green thumb nimble or simply sharing an after-dinner chat with a neighbor.

1:6 Staff-to-Resident Ratio

Among the many benefits of our small home sizes is a small staff-to-resident ratio. This means that there are far fewer residents per staff member than in mid- to large-sized communities. This ensures that each staff member has more than adequate time to spend with each resident, creating a homelike atmosphere and strong bonds with caregivers who will begin to feel more like extended family members than simply staff. Our responsive and trusted caregivers are hand-selected by our leadership team to help create a sense of belonging inside of our communities.

Continuum of Care

Our skilled and experienced team is equipped to accommodate the changing needs of our residents, meaning that they can receive increased levels of care or assistance as needed. This allows residents to remain in our comfortable and familiar homes for as long as possible, enjoying the maximum level of autonomy with support when and wherever it is needed.

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